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Kevin’s Pearls is a 2 day event where Kevin Houck, Myotronics Vice President of Engineering, will be lecturing on Friday covering his 32 years of Pearls and Dr. Raman will be lecturing on Saturday on Utilizing your K7 in Complex Clinical Cases.   Dr. Raman has an exclusive TMD/CCMD practice in Kansas City.  A description of both days is provided below along with tuition.  If you haven’t been to a Kevin’s Pearls Seminar recently, consider attending again as Kevin continues to update and add to his presentation, covering all the new features added to the K7 software over the years.


Day 1 - Kevin’s Pearls 

Friday - 8 am – 4:30 pm – 7 CE Credits

Kevin’s Pearls is a full day of learning the ins and outs of the K7 and J5.  The course has been designed for both the Doctor and Team Members to become proficient with their K7 in taking the data and also understanding the data.  I will cover all the K7 Scans (1-18) in detail from how to take the data to what to look for in the Scan. You will learn how to make your K7 tasks easier and how to gather the most accurate data possible. You will also learn how to customize your K7 system and utilize the shortcut keys to simplify and expedite taking/storing patient data--saving valuable office time for both doctor and team.


Here are a few comments we received from attendees from the previous 22 Kevin’s Pearls Seminars.

  • ·       “This Seminar was extremely useful to me (K7 user 8 years) and will enhance my effectiveness with my patients”         

    ·        "This course refreshes old info, introduces important new info & confidence in using the K7 in solving NM problems" 

    ·       "Great Seminar - very informative.  I will bring my asst's next time" 

    ·       “I thought the most useful parts were when Kevin went over each Scan, how to do it and what everything in that Scan means.”


Day 2 - Dr. Raman – Optimally Utilizing Your K7 in Complex Clinical Cases 

Saturday - 8 am – 4:30 pm 7 CE Credits


Dr. Raman will share the clinical pearls and practical tips that he utilizes to get the most out of his K7 units.  Using actual NM orthodontics, full mouth reconstructions & ortho / FMR combination  cases – from start to finish - as illustrations, he will discuss solutions for clinical challenges that he has faced in his Kansas City practice exclusively dedicated to TMD / CCMD treatment.  Obtaining accurate K7 data, Interpretation, Diagnosis, building value for the treatment, solving problems etc. will be covered in “putting the pieces together” for successful & predictable clinical outcomes.       


Here are a few comments we received from attendees from the Baltimore Kevin’s Pearls Seminars.


·        “Kevin and Dr. Raman paired together is the 1-2 punch I need for putting my K-7 to good use.”

·       “Dr. Raman’s teaching style was informative, understandable and fun”

·       “I enjoyed Dr. Raman’s course, I found his practices full of integrity and enlightening”

·       “Prabu is a MUST SEE"


This is a great opportunity for doctors and team to familiarize themselves with the K7 system or as a refresher course for those who have used the K7 for many years.


  Kevin Houck, BSEE (Myotronics Software Engineer)
Mr. Houck is a 1981 graduate of the University of Central Florida in electrical engineering and the Vice President of Engineering at Myotronics. With Myotronics since 1985, Mr. Houck has developed the software for all Myotronics products including the K7 and its predecessor, K6. He is the leading expert on the technical use of the K7 and has presented on K7 (and K6) nationally and internationally to thousands of Neuromuscular dentists in the past 30 years.


Prabu Raman, DDS
Dr. Raman received his DDS from University of Missouri - Kansas City in 1983. He has achieved Mastership from the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and the Las Vegas Institute. Dr. Raman maintains a private practice in Kansas City dedicated to TMD treatment, Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics & Aesthetics. He is President of the Missouri Dental Association and a member of the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure.


Kevin’s Pearls Seminar



Kevin’s Pearls & Dr. Raman

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Kevin's Pearls Featuring Dr. Prabu Raman

Phoenix, AZ

April 27-28, 2018

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