Myotronics Continuing Education Courses 

Series I - Intro Course: Understanding Practical, Predictable Occlusion



This 2 day, 14 CE credit course offers extensive hands-on workshops to understand how Neuromuscular (physiologic) occlusion can provide a simple, reproducible bite conducive to health, aesthetics and restorative predictability and longevity. The program is filled with practical information that you can immediately implement when you return to your office.



       Jan. 12-13, 2018                Chicago, IL                         Dr. Michael Miyasaki

       June 22-23, 2018               Dallas, TX                          Dr. Michael Miyasaki

       Sept 21-22, 2018               Los Angeles, CA               Dr. Michael Miyasaki


Series II - Refining Physiologic Neuromuscular Orthotics & Restorative Functional Smiles



This 23 credit course is a 3 day diagnostic and treatment planning hands-on course. Management of a neuromuscular orthotic and techniques to ensure aesthetic as well as functionally optimum occlusion will be taught.  This course provides a great opportunity to receive hands-on training in smile design, adhesive dentistry and occlusion, at the highest level, at a fraction of the cost of comparable courses.


        Jan 25-27, 2018                 Calgary, AB                       Dr. Sam Kherani

        March 22-24, 2018           Sacramento, CA               Dr. Michael Miyasaki


Series III -Correcting Malocclusion with Physiologic Neuromuscular Aesthetic Restorations



This course is a comprehensive live patient treatment course with extensive hands-on sessions and focus on taking a Phase 1 orthotic patient into the preparation and cementation of full arch restorations. This is done while maintaining the diagnosed, stabilized and symptomless maxillary mandibular Neuromuscular relationship. The focus of this course is on allowing the participants to become proficient and comfortable in providing such rewarding and life changing service to their patients. This course consists of two 3 day sessions, Prep & Seat.


        TBD  (Prep)             Drs. Prabu Raman & Sam Kherani

        TBD (Seat)              Drs. Prabu Raman & Sam Kherani


Mastering the K7 and Scan Interpretation



The Mastering the K7 and Scan Interpretation Course is a hands-on course designed for K7 users, new and experienced, to learn how to utilize their K7 for recording diagnostic data, interpreting the data and taking a bite registration. The K7 Training Course is taught by Dr. Sam Kherani, a leading Neuromuscular Dental educator and an authority in the clinical use of the K7 and Mr. Kevin Houck, BSEE, the developer of the K7 software who has presented nationally and internationally to thousands of Neuromuscular dentists in the past 30 years. Dr. Kherani maintains a successful NM practice in Calgary with emphasis in aesthetics and TMD. To maximize the hands-on learning experience, the attendance is limited to 4 offices per course.



       Dec. 1-2, 2017                        Seattle, WA               Dr. Doug Brossoit & Kevin Houck

       Feb. 2-3, 2018                        Seattle, WA               Dr.  Doug Brossoit & Kevin Houck

       April 6-7, 2018                       Seattle, WA               Dr. Doug Brossoit & Kevin Houck


Kevin’s Pearls with Dr. Prabu Raman



Kevin’s Pearls is a 2 day course where Kevin Houck will be lecturing on Friday covering his 30 years of Pearls and Dr. Raman will be lecturing on Saturday on Utilizing the K7 in Complex Clinical Cases. This course has been designed for both the Doctor and Team Members. Kevin Houck is the developer of the K7 program and has been at Myotronics for over 30 years. Dr. Raman has an exclusive TMD/CCMD practice in Kansas City.


       Nov. 10-11, 2017             Washington, D.C.             Dr. Prabu Raman & Kevin Houck

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