Dr Clayton Chan


Dr Clayton Chan

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"I chose the Myotronics system to have a high tech bite registration capability and the evaluation protocols.  Using the simultaneous EMG, computerized mandibular scanning and TENS modalities allows me to visualize where to take a highly precise bite registration and to document that position objectively for the record.  The additional data generated by these instruments has proven of great value to me in reaching my diagnoses.

In my experience, knowing where to  "physiologically" position the mandible as it relates to the maxillary arch makes all the difference in the world.  It is of great help to me in knowing where to begin treatment and where to finish the case.  The Myotronics instrumentation brings precision and predictability to the clinical dentist.  No other instrumentation that I have found has this capability and quality."

DDS, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr Clayton Chan
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