Understanding Practical, Predictable Occlusion

Myotronics Continuing Education Series I

Dr. Mike Miyasaki | Dr. Sam Kherani

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Occlusion is of key importance in every dental procedure yet is not well understood by most clinicians, and therefore, is underdiagnosed hindering practice growth. Come see how thousands of clinicians now approach occlusion in a way that makes sense to your patients and to you.  By understanding the anatomy and applying a few basic principles, we can find and create a predictable bite to support the joints and muscles. Whether restoring a single tooth, an aesthetic case or treating a TMD patient, you will apply what you learn in this course. Perhaps the most important reason to attend is that without an understanding of the signs and symptoms of malocclusion, our profession will continue to treat to existing pathological conditions leading to frustration of our patients and ourselves as clinicians. 

Neuromuscular (Physiologic) occlusal principles can provide a simple, reproducible bite conducive to health, aesthetics and restorative predictability and longevity.


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This program offers extensive hands-on workshops*, and demonstrations to understand how the physiologic occlusion is applied to your patients. This course is filled with practical information that you can immediately implement when you return to your office.

We will take actual bite registrations and discuss how we apply this beginning point in treating your patients for: 



  • Restorative/aesthetic cases

  • Full-mouth rehabilitation

  • Denture cases

See what Your Colleagues are saying about Myotronics Series I:


“This course was really helpful in providing information to understand what to look for in getting proper occlusion and how orthotics & TENS works into treating TMD” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Jin Chung, Modesto, CA

“This course was eye opening about the possible treatment of TMD and made the subject very easy to implement into the office” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Saif Liswi, Anaheim, CA

“This course was based on practical application of TENS and bite management and made it very easy to fit into daily practice” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Sonia Chacko, Curracao, Netherlands Antilles

“The course provides importance of proper bite and how to correct to right occlusion” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Timothy Han, Oakland, CA

“This course is a great myth demystifyer! NM dentistry is freedom from dogma & a key to help people who need to heal” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Peter Tzendzalian, Durham, NC

“This course provides a great understanding of the conceptual framework of neuromuscular concepts. Good introduction to understanding TMD” – Sept. 2018

Dr. Hai Trieu, Falls Church, VA

“This is a very good course for exciting offices using neuromuscular K7 technology and for new offices just beginning their neuromuscular journey” – Jan. 2018

Scott Quandt, DDS, Green Bay, WI

“A great course to take home and immediately help TMD patients in a predictable, practical way” – Jan. 2018

Douglas Carmical, DDS, Bella Vista, AR

“This course provides protocols for addressing TMD and occlusal problems through the use of a TENS device such that a comfortable and therapeutic orthotic can be fabricated” – Jan. 2018

Mark McGuire, DDS, Kenosha, WI

“This course is an excellent introduction to neuromuscular dentistry” – Jan. 2018

Rajesh Grover, DMD, Lethbridge, AB

“Such a high percentage of patients have clenching and headaches that are severe. This is a great course for you to treat your patients on a comprehensive scale” – Jan. 2018

Jessie Kunnel, DDS, Skokie, IL

“If you want to treat occlusal instability, you need to find the patient's physiologic muscle position. You need to start treating them using NMD” – Jan. 2018

Michael Mauren, DDS, Portland, MI

“I highly recommend this course at any level of practice for the dentists and their team. What is taught will greatly impact your dental practice and your patients” – Jan. 2018

Scott Quandt, DDS, Green Bay, WI


Learning Objectives: 


Understand the important relationship of the teeth, muscles, joints and their effect on the facial structures and the stomatognathic function

      • Identify the signs and symptoms related to occlusal instability

      • Learn to create occlusal stability

      • Learn how to design the ideal smile

      • Understand how to take a TENS bite record at the proper vertical dimension

      • See how to mount models to analyze the changes in the bite

      • Understand how to communicate the diagnosis and treatment options to the patient

      • See how to deliver an anatomically correct mandibular positioning appliance and adjust it properly

      • Learn how to manage the TMD patient

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Series I – Understanding Practical, Predictable Occlusion

Jan. 11-12, 2019

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

CE Credits: 14

April 12-13, 2019

Dallas, TX

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

CE Credits: 14

July 19-20, 2019

Baltimore, MD

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

CE Credits: 14

Doctor Tuition

$995 Early Bird

$1,195 Regular


Team Tuition

$495 Early Bird

$545 Regular


Early bird pricing will end 30 days prior to the course.         

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Atlanta Location 

Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport South

1899 Sullivan Road
College Park, GA 30337
Tel: (770) 994 2997


  * Limit 2 Team please.
* An attendance verification form will be awarded to team members.

* It is a requirement that you bring a set of stone models of your own bite.






Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS          

Dr. Miyasaki graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1987. For over 25 years he has lectured internationally on Occlusion and Restorative techniques. Dr. Miyasaki has been involved in live-patient treatment courses for over 13 years and is currently the Director of Education for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum focused on live-patient full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Miyasaki maintains a private practice in Sacramento, CA, focused on comprehensive dentistry and function.


Sam Kherani, DDS, MBA (Wharton), FAGD, MICCMO   

Dr. Kherani received his DDS from the University of Western Ontario in 1981. He maintains a successful NM practice in Calgary, Canada with emphasis in aesthetics and TMD. A practicing dentist for 34 years, he founded The Millennium Institute as the first live patient training institute in Calgary. Dr. Kherani has trained hundreds of NM dentists on the use of the K7 for optimum evaluation and effective treatment and has served as a Clinical Director at the Las Vegas Institute for 5 years. His ability to teach a balance between business and professional aspects allows for the underpinnings of a successful long lasting practice philosophy. Dr. Kherani's passion for NMD and his ability to share practical clinical techniques, in a simple fashion, makes him a natural educator. 

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