Correcting Malocclusion with Physiologic Neuromuscular Aesthetic Restorations

Hands-on Live Patient Course

Myotronics Continuing Education Series III

Drs. Prabu Raman, Sam Kherani & Mike Miyasaki


This course is a comprehensive live patient treatment course with extensive hands-on sessions and focus on taking a Phase 1 orthotic patient into the preparation and cementation of full arch restorations. This is done while maintaining the diagnosed, stabilized and symptomless maxillary mandibular Neuromuscular relationship. The focus of this course is on allowing the participants to become proficient and comfortable in providing such rewarding and life changing service to their patients. This course consists of two 3 day sessions, Prep & Seat. It is highly recommended that you bring your team to support and implement the techniques learned in this course. 

The lecturers, Dr. Raman and Dr. Kherani are leading Neuromuscular clinicians with extensive experience and expertise in TMD / occlusion and aesthetics. To maximize the hands-on learning experience, attendance is limited.


You will learn:

Series III – Correcting Malocclusion with Physiologic

Neuromuscular Aesthetic Restorations

Course Dates:




Prep: TBD                   Seat: TBD

Sacramento, CA

Dr. Mike Miyasaki

$7,950 – Doctor  |  $1,900 – Team

Prep: May 2-4, 2019   Seat: May 30-June 1, 2019

Calgary, AB

Dr. Sam Kherani

$7,700 – Doctor  |  $1,600 – Team


Prerequisites: Myotronics Series II or equivalent

*All Tuition pricing in USD

    This Course Provides
46 CE Credits




Dr. Raman received his DDS from University of Missouri in 1983. He has achieved Mastership from the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and the Las Vegas Institute. For 12 years, Dr. Raman served as LVI Clinical Instructor training hundreds of dentists in aesthetics, neuromuscular full mouth reconstruction and NM Orthodontics. He was also a featured speaker in Practical Advanced TMD practice and Cranio Cervical Physical Therapy courses. Dr. Raman maintains a private practice in Kansas City dedicated to TMD treatment, Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics & Aesthetics. He is President of the Missouri Dental Association and a member of the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure where he serves as Chair, Recognition of Dental Specialties and Interest Areas in General Dentistry Committee.


Sam Kherani, DDS, MBA (Wharton), FAGD, MICCMO   

Dr. Kherani received his DDS from the University of Western Ontario in 1981. He maintains a successful NM practice in Calgary, Canada with emphasis in aesthetics and TMD. A practicing dentist for 34 years, he founded The Millennium Institute as the first live patient training institute in Calgary. Dr. Kherani has trained hundreds of NM dentists on the use of the K7 for optimum evaluation and effective treatment and has served as a Clinical Director at the Las Vegas Institute for 5 years. His ability to teach a balance between business and professional aspects allows for the underpinnings of a successful long lasting practice philosophy. Dr. Kherani's passion for NMD and his ability to share practical clinical techniques, in a simple fashion, makes him a natural educator. 


Mike Miyasaki, DDS   

Dr. Miyasaki graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1987. For over 25 years he has lectured internationally on Occlusion and Restorative techniques. Dr. Miyasaki has been involved in live-patient treatment courses for over 13 years and is currently the Director of Education for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum focused on live-patient full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Miyasaki maintains a private practice in Sacramento, CA, focused on comprehensive dentistry and function. 


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