SERIES 1 INTERACTIVE WEBINAR: Successful Integration of Physiologic Dentistry to Benefit Your Practice during Uncertain Times

The 40 doctors and team who attended our virtual hands-on course on Friday were in for a treat! Dr. Haddad presented a wealth of information and pearls on bite registration, orthotic adjustment, team training, NM work flows, fees, marketing, differentiating your practice and much more. The hands-on demonstrations on his assistant Rachel (who also contributed) and the doctors who followed the demos at their own offices were truly educational for all. With the camera zoomed in, it was even more effective than if 40 attendees were to fight to look over the lecturer’s shoulder!

It was 8.5 hours of action packed CE. Nearly all the attendees stayed for another half hour of Q and A when the course was over. Jeff’s passion and energy kept us all glued to our monitors and in the words of a new NM dentist, Dr. Jose Renju of India “ started here at 7:30 pm and ended at 4 am. I was worried I would fall asleep but the lecture was eye opening and I was totally awake every minute”!!

Myotronics will soon announce the date for the next course. You do not want to miss the next one.

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