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Myotronics manufactures a full range of products for the Neuromuscular Dentist. We also offer a full range of supplies, including electrodes and educational materials, and other tools to support the Neuromuscular practice. 

To inquire about purchasing a product not available online, please complete a purchase inquiry

or call our Sales Department at 800-426-0316.


K7x Evaluation System

The K7x Evaluation System is a computer-based system for three dimensional jaw tracking, surface electromyography and temporomandibular joint sound study. Measuring and recording mandibular function and masticatory muscle status adds invaluable information to the diagnostic process and is critical to neuromuscular dentistry. Objective information about TM joint status further adds to the clinician's data.

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J5 Dental TENS

The J5 Dental TENS unit is a muscle stimulator used to create a physiologically relaxed state of the muscles of mastication. It is the only true simultaneous 4 channel bi-lateral stimulator of its kind. It incorporates unique, fail-safe circuitry. A valuable tool in office procedures for occlusal adjustment and in bite registration, it is also useful in the treatment of some types of TMD dysfunction and associated pain.

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BNS-40 Home Unit

The BNS-40 is a miniaturized version of the Dental TENS designed to allow the patient to safely apply electrical stimulation while at home to relax tense muscles. It is a battery operated, ultra-low frequency electrical stimulator designed specifically for the dental patient.

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OccluSense by Bausch

OccluSense by Bausch: The future of Occlusion Control


MES 9000 Musculoskeletal System by Noromed

NOROMED products offer a full range of capabilities for measuring and recording Dynamic Range of MotionSurface Electromyography and Muscle Testing. Capabilities may be ordered separately or as part of a modular system - purchase the complete system or choose a single module and add capability as your practice grows.

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