Pioneering Innovations in Neuromuscular Dentistry for Over 50 Years

For over half a century, Myotronics has been at the forefront of innovation in Neuromuscular Dentistry. Our cutting-edge equipment, including the renowned K7x Evaluation System, empowers dental professionals to provide precise diagnoses and effective treatments. Experience the next level of dental care with Myotronics’ state-of-the-art technology.

K7x Evaluation System

The K7Evaluation System is a computer-based system for three dimensional jaw tracking, surface electromyography and temporomandibular joint sound study. Measuring and recording mandibular function and masticatory muscle status adds invaluable information to the diagnostic process and is critical to neuromuscular dentistry. Objective information about TM joint status further adds to the clinician’s data in assessing Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD).

J5 Dental TENS Equipment

J5 Dental TENS Unit

The J5 Dental TENS Unit is a specialized muscle stimulator focused on muscle relaxation and pain relief via Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in a clinical setting.  It is the only true simultaneous 4 channel bi-lateral stimulator of its kind. A valuable technology in office procedures for occlusal adjustment and in bite registration, it is also useful in the treatment of some types of TMD dysfunction and associated pain.

BNS 40 Home Unit Equipment

BNS-40 Home Unit

The BNS-40 Home Unit is a miniaturized version of the Dental TENS designed to extend the benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry into the comfort of your patients’ homes. This portable unit offers muscle relaxation and pain relief through Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It’s an ideal solution for patients seeking ongoing relief from symptoms of TMD or other neuromuscular conditions. It is a battery operated, ultra-low frequency electrical stimulator designed specifically for the dental patient.

OccluSense by Bausch Equipment

OccluSense by Bausch

OccluSense by Bausch is a revolutionary device that provides a clear visual representation of masticatory pressure distribution, digitally on your iPad. Contact points are marked visually on patient teeth, allowing dentists to make quick determination of occlusal status, localize hyperbalances and premature contacts for procedures like occlusal adjustments and restorative treatments. With Occlusense, achieving early detection of dysfunctions in static and dynamic occlusion is now accurate and efficient.

MES 9000 Musculoskeletal System by Noromed Equipment

MES 9000 Musculoskeletal System by Noromed

The Noromed MES 9000 offers a full range of capabilities for measuring Dynamic Range of Motion, Surface Electromyography, and Muscle Testing. Its modular design allows clinicians to tailor its advanced features to their practice’s changing needs and adding capability as the practice grows.