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What Your Colleagues are Saying about the New K7

Jeffrey S. Haddad, DDS, Rochester, MI

"I can’t imagine treating my patients without utilizing the Myotronics K7 Evaluation System in my practice. The predictability, ease of use, and consistently accurate data allows me to treat even the most complex patients and give them back their quality of life. My second practice, which is solely devoted to treating TMJ and sleep disorders, is a direct result of the confidence this equipment gives me in treating these patients."

Arthur Parker, DMD, Portland, OR

"A recent purchase of the New K7 Evaluation System is the latest edition of a system that has proven to be of immense value to my TMD/Ortho practice. I have been using the Myotronics equipment and NM approach since 1980 having trained with Barney Jankelson on the Kinesiograph K5 and am now on the 4th subsequent generation of Myotronics evaluation systems and have treated over 15K patients during that time. The clinical information allows accurate and precise diagnoses and repeatable clinical successes and has been the foundation of a well established practice in this community."

Peter Ferro, DMD, New York, NY

"Myotronics instruments have made treating TMD patients predictable and given me objective data that makes patients feel more confident in my care. It also has made my sleep apnea appliances more comfortable for my patients to wear without morning muscle fatigue."

Barry Cooper, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Dental Medicine, SUNY, NY

“For over 35 years I have treated literally thousands of patients utilizing the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry. From the first case until now, this treatment approach has been expanded upon, but not altered. In addition to the large body of scientific literature supporting these principles, this clinical record is testimony to its validity. I am honored to be appointed to teach a university course on the Neuromuscular occlusion. Whatever I have done with and for Neuromuscular Dentistry for over 35 years, I have done with a full heart and a sincere belief that this is how dentistry should be practiced.”

Sam Kherani, DDS, Calgary, AB

“I think that any dentist who wants to provide comprehensive care should get a K7 unit and the training. Your patients deserve it!"

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