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Measuring and recording mandibular function and masticatory muscle status adds invaluable information to the diagnostic process and is critical to neuromuscular dentistry. Objective information about TM joint status further adds to the clinician’s data. Evaluation procedures must be accomplished in such a way that the apparatus itself does not affect the patient’s function and must not impede the clinician’s access to the mouth for bite registration or other procedures. Myotronics evaluation equipment has always been designed with those criteria in mind.

The K7Evaluation System provides the dental clinician or researcher with three technologies for measuring, displaying, and storing objective data on physiologic and anatomical status and function: jaw tracking, electromyography, and joint sonography. This objective data enhances the doctor’s diagnostic and treatment considerations with information not previously available.

The K7Evaluation System is supplied in a compact housing that can be plugged in to the USB port of virtually any PC type computer, desktop or laptop. Small and portable, the unit and its peripheral apparatus can be quickly stored in the provided protective case for ease of transportation. Windows based software simplifies operation and color graphics make it easy to distinguish overlapping data from multiple channels and to print attractive reports for patient education, insurance or referring doctors. Objective Data for Complete Occlusal Analysis. A number of useful testing protocols referred to as “Scans” are pre-programmed for the convenience of the user. Additional custom protocols may be programmed by the user to fulfill unique needs or preferences. Click on links in the Navigate bar for information on the three individual modules and their capabilities.

For over fifty years, Myotronics has been dedicated to strong customer support. One small example is K7 Pearls, available exclusively on the International Neuromuscular Dental Forum (INDF). Registered owners of the K7 can signup to receive user tips on the use of the K7, from our Engineering and Technical Support department, that will aid them in deriving maximum benefits from their K7.

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Dr. Prabu Raman



DDS, FICCMO, Kansas City, Missouri

DDS, FICCMO, Kansas City, Missouri

“Nothing in this life beats the feeling that you have truly helped make a positive difference in the life of another human being. Helping people that have suffered with pain of TMD for years and even decades reclaim their lives is the ultimate.

The Myotronics equipment — K7x Evaluation Systems and Myomonitor TENS technologies are absolutely indispensable in my practice to provide treatment for TMD.”

K7 Sensor Array Front View 1

K7x Jaw Tracking (CMS)

The K7Jaw Tracking uses multiple sensors in an extremely light weight Sensor Array (four ounce). The K7x tracks the motion of a tiny magnet attached to the lower incisal gingiva with adhesive material and is totally non-invasive and does not interfere with patient function like a clutch. The K7x provides unobstructed access to the oral cavity for taking bite registrations and other clinical procedures, and the system is virtually immune from effects of slight head motion or nearby metallic or electronic interference. A patient education mode is included to simplify patient understanding and staff training.

These scans are invaluable three dimensional representation of mandibular rest, the relaxed neuromuscular path of closure, centric occlusion, habitual path of closure and protrusive guidance that aids the clinician in recording an optimal occlusal position

K7x Electromyography (EMG)

Utilizing high quality bipolar surface electrodes, surface EMG data can be taken from up to eight muscle sites simultaneously and in real time. The program permits taking electromyography data either at rest or in function. All eight channels may be displayed simultaneously, for a period of 15 seconds (one visual screen width). The K7x/EMG signal processing circuitry provides unsurpassed protection against system noise or motion artifact. The patient education mode permits quick and easy patient education as to status of masticatory muscles.

These scans provide an objective measurement of masticatory muscle electrical activity which accurately represents their physiologic state.  The patient education mode permits quick and easy patient education as to the status of the masticatory muscles.

K7 Electromyography (EMG)
K7 Sonograph (ESG)

K7x Sonography (ESG)

TMJ Vibration (Sound) Evaluation System. A lightweight headset holds highly sensitive vibration transducers over each TM joint, enabling simultaneous, bilateral capture of tissue vibrations emanating from joint sounds. Vibration (sound) data is correlated to vertical dimension of opening and closing, providing clinicians with valuable information to aid in assessing the status of articular disk and joint function.

The ESG includes the ability to document TM joint status through recording joint sound vibrations – simply and non-invasively.


The K7 Evaluation System certification K003287 has FDA-approved indications:

  • For Jaw Tracking functions: to track mandibular movement and position, for the diagnosis of functional disorders such as TMJ/MPD syndrome, muscle tension, bruxing and instability of occlusion, identification of mandibular rest position, interocclusal distance and freeway space, monitors the position of the jaw in three dimensions, represents the spatial position of the mandibular incisal edge relative to the skull.
  • For Electromyographic functions: Intended for use for the muscles of mastication, especially the temporalis, masseter and digastric, designed to perform a limited number of functions in dental diagnosis, for use as a stand alone system for clinical monitoring of up to eight different muscles. It is ideally suited for diagnosis and treatment evaluation by recording function/dysfunction of the muscles of the stomatognathic system, the determination of the degree of relaxation of a particular muscle or muscle group at rest, the precise measurement of relative levels of contraction of several muscles during functional test.
  • For both functions of this device: diagnosis and management of TMJ/MPD disorders, orthodontic patients, denture patients and reconstruction patients.

Myotronics is registered in Canada under MDEL #3429.

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