Successful Integration of Physiologic Dentistry
to Benefit your Practice 


Hands-On, Interactive Online Course

This interactive online course will teach you clinical techniques and new approaches to differentiate your practice from others during these uncertain times.  You will learn how to position your practice as a progressive one that offers treatment other offices can not.

Physiologic occlusion provides a simple, reproducible bite conducive to health, aesthetics and restorative predictability, and longevity. This approach will allow you to identify and treat TMD patients and set yourself apart from other dentists in your community. You will be taught how to market your practice so the “right” patients seek you out and find you.  Complete with a virtual hands-on workshop, this webinar is filled with practical information that you can immediately implement when you return to your office. 

To maximize the virtual hands-on learning experience, the attendance is limited to 4 offices. It is highly recommended that your team attends this course to support and implement the techniques learned, and prices are per office. Those who choose to audit the class will have complete exposure to the entire hands-on experience, but won’t have access to direct coaching for their office. Whatever you choose, this course will deliver the knowledge and techniques that your practice needs right now.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the important relationship of the teeth, muscles, joints and their effect on the facial structures and the stomatognathic function

  • Identify the signs and symptoms related to occlusal instability

  • Take a Physiologic bite for long term stability in restorative and TMD cases (Hands-On)

  • Deliver an anatomically correct mandibular positioning appliance and adjust it properly (Hands-On)

  • Successful integration of J5 Dental TENS for TMD and Aesthetic patients

  • How to market the use of this technology to differentiate your practice during these uncertain times

  • Communicate diagnosis and treatment options to the patient and learn how to get your patients to say "yes" to comprehensive treatment

  • Learn proven internal and external marketing strategies and referral techniques to promote and position your practice during the COVID era

*This course provides 7 CE credits

**The On-Demand version of this course is the video recording of the live, interactive online course




Series 1 On-Demand Video Course



  • 6 hours of video content organized into one-hour modules, accessible for one year

  • Course manual & practice documents

  • Course quiz

7 CE credits with passing quiz 


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Rochester/Troy, Michigan

Jeffrey S. Haddad, DDS received his dental degree from the University of Michigan in 2001. Dr. Haddad maintains two dental practices in Rochester and Troy, Michigan with focus on TMD, Sleep Disorders, and full mouth reconstruction. He has lectured nationally on TMD, Sleep Disorders, cosmetic and implant dentistry, and practice marketing.  

Cancellation Policy for Live Course

In the event you need to cancel your reservation for this seminar, the cancellation fee is $100 per person if you cancel more than 30 days prior to the course. If you cancel 30 days or less before the course there will be no refund. Cancellations must be made in writing.

Myotronics, Inc. reserves the right to cancel courses 60 days prior to the scheduled date of a course for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants. Should Myotronics cancel a course; Myotronics will refund the fees in full. Myotronics will not be responsible for any other fees, costs or consequential damages with canceling this Myotronics course or activity. Myotronics recommends that participants do not make any non-refundable travel or lodging reservations more than 60 days before any event for which they have registered.