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Mastering the Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD Patients

Hands-On Treatment Course

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A comprehensive 2-day, 14 CE credit Hands-On course that will take you step by step through phase 1 with your TMD patient. You will be utilizing the K7 to perform a full diagnostic workup (pre and post-TENS Scans) for an optimum orthotic to be fabricated and effectively adjusted (coronoplasty/micro occlusion). You can maximize the learning of the coronoplasty techniques by bringing your orthotic or your team’s orthotic to the course. It is highly recommended that your team attends this course to support and implement the techniques learned. The instructor, Clayton Chan, DDS, is a leading Neuromuscular clinician with extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD patients. 


Course Overview - Day 1:

  • Review Diagnostic Scans vs. Treatment Scans

  • Review Scan taking protocols

  • K7 Hands-On session with all doctors running full diagnostic workups before TENS

  • Reviewing gathered data

  • Scan 4/5 Bite Registration with EMGs and J5 Dental TENS

  • Evaluating the bite registrations with diagnostic models

  • Q and A

Course Overview - Day 2:

  • Reviewing the dentist's K7 experience when implementing the technology into the dental practice

  • Diagnosing K7 data and what the data means from a neuromuscular perspective

  • Clinical meaning and implications of what the K7 is indicating to the treating dentist

  • What to pay attention to as well as avoid when implementing the K7 with your TMD patients

  • A review of the Jankelson coronoplasty/micro occlusal protocols

  • Demonstration of delivery and adjustment of doctors' orthotics

  • Verifying the occlusal balance of the NM orthotics with objectively measured data – Scan 4/5, 7, 8, 11, 12

  • What to do if the NM orthotic occlusal contact is not coincident with the Myo-Trajectory

  • Troubleshooting the NM orthotic for TMD success

 14 CE credits

Regular tuition: $2,795 doctor/$1,295 team

Formats available:

Live, In-Person

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Meet the Instructors
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Chan earned his DDS degree from Loma Linda University. Author of a number of publications in the field of neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Chan has lectured internationally on NM topics. He maintains a GNM practice in Las Vegas and is the founder and Director of Occlusion Connections, a CE organization in Las Vegas that offers continuing education courses in NMD.

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Cancellation Policy

Since space is limited and in order to create the best learning experience possible, cancellations received outside the 60 days prior to the course are subject to a cancellation fee of $500 per Doctor and $200 per team member. No refunds will be given if canceled within 60 days of the event. Cancellations must be in writing. 

Myotronics Inc. reserves the right to cancel courses prior to the scheduled date of a course for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants. Should Myotronics cancel a course; Myotronics will refund the fees in full. Myotronics will not be responsible for any other fees, costs or consequential damages with canceling this Myotronics course or activity. Myotronics recommends that participants do not make any non-refundable travel or lodging reservations more than 30 days before any event for which they have registered.

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