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Dr Martin Abelar.jpg


DDS, San Diego, California

"I could not imagine doing complex cases, or even multi-unit cosmetic cases, without knowing exactly what is going on with the occlusion. The Myotronics equipment allows me the diagnostic capability to proceed with confidence."

Dr Paul Coleman.jpg


DMD, Poway, California

"The K7 gives an incredibly precise starting and finishing point. There is a confidence installed, generated by a quiet knowledge that you are right on the money. This confidence will translate into all aspects of your office."

Dr Barry Cooper.jpg


DDS, Clinical Professor, Department of Oral Biology and Pathology, School of Medicine, State University of New York, Stony Brook

"The computerized measurement devices developed by Myotronics give me the capacity to precisely evaluate masticatory muscle and mandibular function. I have found this of tremendous value in establishing the pre-treatment status of my patients, designing effective neuromuscular treatment and scrutinizing treatment outcome.

Whatever I have done for Neuromuscular Dentistry in the past 35 years in practice, teaching and publication, I have done with a full heart and a sincere belief that this is how dentistry should be practiced."

Dr Craig Janssen.jpg


DDS, Green Bay, Wisconsin

"I would highly recommend Myotronics equipment and training, as it encourages a holistic approach to restorative and orthodontic treatment. This results in a higher rate of patient satisfaction, less patient follow-up, and a better overall feeling on large complex cases. Myotronics believes in a true NM philosophy which no other competitor can match. I would recommend their equipment to anyone who desires to take their practice to a higher level of excellence. You'll see how you can improve the lives of patients and rejuvenate your passion for dentistry."

Dr Beth Snyder.jpg


DMD, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"Having first experienced the benefits of NMD myself with relief of my intractable long term pain, has made me a true believer! The amount of relief we are able to provide our patients with NMD is amazing and gratifying."

Dr Dennis Brumbaugh.jpg


DMD, Indian, Pennsylvania

"Following NM principles for bite reconstruction in TMD and cosmetic patients has allowed me to complete complex cases which in the past I wouldn't have attempted. The Myotronics instrumentation has given me the confidence to offer my patients comprehensive treatment with predictable results."

Dr Clayton Chan.jpg


DDS, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I chose the Myotronics system to have a high tech bite registration capability and the evaluation protocols.  Using the simultaneous EMG, computerized mandibular scanning and TENS modalities allows me to visualize where to take a highly precise bite registration and to document that position objectively for the record.  The additional data generated by these instruments has proven of great value to me in reaching my diagnoses.

In my experience, knowing where to  "physiologically" position the mandible as it relates to the maxillary arch makes all the difference in the world.  It is of great help to me in knowing where to begin treatment and where to finish the case.  The Myotronics instrumentation brings precision and predictability to the clinical dentist.  No other instrumentation that I have found has this capability and quality."

Dr Davis Hickman.jpg


DMD, Professor, West Virginal School of Dentistry, Morgantown, West Virginia

"The K7 Evaluation system gives the clinician the evolutionary leap to collect objective physiologic information and monitor patient progress utilizing the very latest in technology. This gives the clinician the ability to utilize objective measurements that are clinically applicable, and conveniently applied to all phases of dentistry. It allows linking real-time electromyographic and kinesiographic data to develop a physiologically based occlusal relationship of the mandible to the cranium. Manipulation and guess work are eliminated."

Dr Prabu Raman.jpg


DDS, FICCMO, Kansas City, Missouri

"Nothing in this life beats the feeling that you have truly helped make a positive difference in the life of another human being.  Helping people that have suffered with pain of TMD for years and even decades reclaim their lives is the ultimate.

The Myotronics equipment — K6/K7 Evaluation Systems and Myomonitor TENS technologies are absolutely indispensable in my practice to provide treatment for TMD."

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