Successful Integration of Physiologic Dentistry to Benefit your Practice


Advanced Bite and Orthotic Techniques: Physiologic Dx/Tx Foundations


OSA 1: Successful Integration of Dental Sleep into your Practice


TMD 1: Bite Registration, Orthotic Delivery, & Adjustments for Successful Treatment of TMD Patients


OSA 2: Predictable Management of Complex Sleep & TMD Patients


TMD 2: Mastering the Diagnosis & Treatment of TMD Patients


Aesthetic & Functional Smile Design


Mastering the K7 & Scan Interpretation

Successful Integration of Physiologic Dentistry to Benefit your Practice

“For any office looking to brush up on the basics at a FRACTION of the cost of most CE programs, I loved it! What a great opportunity to do it without having to travel! Jeff even did a great job of showing how he adjusts an orthotic. I didn’t know how that was going to go online, but it went really well. Online courses – the future of CE and being from Alaska I loved not having to travel for it!”

Richard Crosby, DDS, Anchorage, AK

“My Team and I took Jeff Haddad’s Intro course by Zoom Friday. Jeff did an exceptional job of presenting the concepts in a very logical and easy-to-follow manner and did not let the online format get in his way one bit! It was the smoothest of all of the Zoom seminars I have taken and my Team was very impressed and is excited to do more NM. My newer Team members were especially enthused.”

Byron Wall, DDS, Albuquerque, NM

“As always, Jeff’s workshop left us all as being better neuromuscular dentists. Knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, and preparation made it a really good course. There is always something to learn, even in basic level courses. I have been a Myotronics neuromuscular dentist since 1981 and I always pick up something that is invaluable In these basic level courses. Picked up a number of things in Jeff’s course.”

Stephen Fisher, DDS, Clarksville, AR

“…it started here at 7:30 pm and ended at 4 am. I was worried I would fall asleep but the lecture was eye-opening and I was totally awake every minute”!!

Dr. Jose Renju, Kochi Kerala, India

Practical & Predictable Occlusion for Aesthetic & TMD Patients

“I’ve been practicing NM dentistry for over 25 years and walked away with a handful of useful pearls to use on Monday.”

Derek Fine, DDS, Denville, NJ

“This course provided insights into aspects of TMJ therapy that were not available to us in school and will help our patients!”

Toni-Anne Gordon, DMD, Orlando, FL

“Even though I have been using the K7 for some years, this course gave me more confidence in taking a bite.”

Dr. Alex Rodriguez, La Libertad, Peru

“Learning the science and application of NMD is a great service to patients and a way to set yourself apart.”

Soroush Ghaffarpour, DDS, Vacaville, CA

“This course really opened up my eyes to how occlusion can have a cascade effect on the entire body. Dr. Miyasaki has a wonderful way of pulling everything about occlusion together.”

Doan Bui, DDS, Richland, TX

“This course provided me with the ability to accurately position the mandible into PRP in order to treat TMD patients with malocclusion. I have a reproducible method and reason to treat patients with confidence!”

Scott Rogers, DDS, Arkansas City, KS

“Lots of useful information and pearls of wisdom. Learning even one thing makes the course worthwhile, glad I learned 2 hands full!”

Issac Gabay, DDS, Mississauga, ON

“This course will open the mind of every dentist. We see everyday patients with occlusal disease and this course helps you to help them change their lives.”

Fernanda Levine, DDS, Arlington, VA

“Even though I’ve done NM bites before, the hands-on portion was invaluable.”

Philip Wolff, DDS, Marina, CA

Advanced Bite & Orthotic Techniques: Physiologic Dx/Tx Foundations

“An Excellent overview of NM Dentistry , finding the best bite, (and) using the TENS/K7. I am much more comfortable taking a K7 Bite!”

Andrew Mortensen, DDS, Fountain Valley, CA

“Great course if you care about your patients!”

Dr. Isaac Gabay, Mississauga, ON

“This course gives you the confidence to know and understand what your goals are and how to achieve them with the Myotronics technology.”

Sandhya Krishan, DDS, Carrollton, TX

“This course provides information that will allow you to take your patient to a stable, asymptomatic position in a non-stressful, repeatable way. I’ve sent in 8 sleep study cases and one work-up for orthotic/full mouth within just 4 days of taking this course!”

Tim Meyer, DDS, Green Bay, WI

“If you are not now comfortable treating bites, TMD, or changing the vertical, these courses will show you how!”

Byron Wall, DDS, Albuquerque, NM

“This course was very motivating and revolutionary for me. I love evidence-based medicine/dentistry and being results-driven, I can’t wait to implement NMD in my practice.”

Shane Krohnfeldt, DDS, Albuquerque, NM

“This course was very practical and helpful for laying the foundation for NMD to begin getting my own patients out of pain.”

Amy Kirby, DDS, Russellville, AR

“This course provided both new and experienced K7 users with practical information for finalizing successful physiologic occlusal rehabilitation.”

Mark McGuire, DDS, Kenosha, WI

“Required for all practicing dentists to address modern orofacial problems.”

Tamara Levit, DDS, Bethesda, MD

“Helps you dial into predictable results. LOVED IT. THANK YOU!”

Robb Warren, DMD, Madison, WI

Successful Integration of Dental Sleep into your Practice

Image of people who took the course

“…step-by-step process to incorporate sleep into our TMD practice!”

Jose Bushdid, DMD, Coral Gables, FL

“If you want to appreciate and understand a sleep study, this is the course for you.”

Steven Fisher, DDS, Clarksville, AR

“I loved the program! I really love being able to sit at home and take advanced CE programs from great speakers like Jeff via Myotronics!”

Richard Crosby, DDS, Anchorage, AK

OSA Treatment & Successful Integration of Dental Sleepinto your Practice

OSA I Dallas 2020 group shot

“Jeff gave me what I needed to confidently go back to my office and start some OSA cases!”

Stephen Fisher, DDS, Clarksville, AR

“This course provided an understanding of Sleep Apnea and applying Dental Sleep medicine to my patients. This course is an absolute must for those clinicians interested in dental sleep medicine.”

Allan Winchar, DMD, Winnipeg, MB

“Well-organized and presentation was exceptional!!! Bread & butter material to take back and implement Monday morning!!!”

Rick Ramirez, DDS, San Antonio, TX

“If you want to treat OSA, this is the course that will get you confident to start treating those patients right away.”

Alice Chen, DDS, Renton, WA

“This course was an excellent intro into the world of OSA and the role NM dentistry plays. Love to see how TMD & Sleep go hand-in-hand.”

Brian Criss, DDS, Rapid City, SD

“Dr. Jeff is so passionate about this topic…He presents in a way both new and experienced doctors can benefit from. I have been to all the Myotronics courses and still learned so much!”

Brittany Owens, DDS, Marysville, KS

“This course is a great introduction to the world of Sleep Medicine and can get you and your team started right away.”

Larry Stanleigh, DDS, Calgary, AB

“This course provided new information we can immediately implement into our office. They make the hard stuff easy!”

Sarah Pacha – office of Brittany Owens, DDS, Marysville KS

“I can’t imagine not implementing these new tools & treatments. You can’t un-learn or un-see this stuff. Jeff and Rachel are literally handing you the keys to success. It’s mind-blowing.”

Kelsey Alcon – office of Matthew Wolfe, DDS, Rochester Hills, MI

“This course is a great introduction to treat OSA while being cognizant of TMJ health. Jeff did a great job engaging all levels!”

Anu Sood, DDS, Schaumburg, IL

“This course really opened my eyes about sleep apnea…and then gave me the tools to identify and treat OSA patients. The hands-on TENSING and availability for one-on-one advice was super helpful and took this course to the next level.”

Geneva Murphy, DDS, Regina, SK

“Our patients need us to understand why a neuromuscular sleep bite is the only position to put them in for a sleep appliance. This course does that. This course also provided the critical information I needed to bill for Sleep Dentistry.”

Christian Victor, DDS, Springfield, OH

“A way to do OSA the easy and right way.”

Josef Wollmann, DDS, Leesburg, VA

“Jeffrey Haddad has the best sleep course available.”

Dana King, DDS, San Antonio, TX

Bite Registration, Orthotic Delivery & Adjustments for Successful Treatment of TMD Patients

S4 group photo

“This course was amazing. A lot of pearls on the use of the K7 with the J5 and how to interpret the results.”

Billy Liang, DDS, Chino, CA

“I wish every dentist with a Pankey, Dawson, Kois training would attend Clayton’s course. It is an eye-opener.”

Mac Lee, DDS, Edna, TX

“Clayton Chan is the Jedi Master of TMD, orthotics and full mouth restorations. He teaches in a comprehensive way and it all makes perfect sense.”

Patrice Winterholler, DDS, Payson, AZ

“Great course to bring your team to expose them to the process of diagnosis and treatment of the pain patient.”

Craig Landry, DDS, Lafayette, LA

“This course is a MUST if you are a seasoned NM DDS or just beginning – always something new to discover.”

Martin Fraschetti, DDS, Waterford, MI

“This course was so complete and accurate. Feeling so grateful!”

Dr. Roxana Spataru, Paris, France

“Dr. Chan is a graceful, knowledgeable, positive speaker. He breaks down a complicated topic and makes it easy to understand with respect and kindness.”

Rhonda Savage, DDS, Gig Harbor, WA

“Very detailed and comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating complex TMD cases.”
Eric Kaleka, DDS, Inglewood, CA

Predictable Management of Complex Sleep & TMD Patients

S5CA 2023 group photo

“I can’t say enough about how much we learned on how to be more efficient and successful with treating our TMD and sleep apnea patients! It was taught in a manner that not only made sense to me but also my two assistants who have only been with me 1 year and 8 months. They came back feeling empowered and wanting to implement changes. During this course we were also shown proven techniques on how to educate TMD patients on their SBD, vice versa, and how this results in huge increases in restorative work and production. This course was so different than other courses because it was all practical information that we can implement immediately and see results. This included advanced bite techniques, scheduling, and how to get patients to say “yes” to treatment. I am so happy that my team and I were able to attend Dr. Haddad’s course and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any of you who want to treat more TMD, more sleep patients, and achieve results faster and more predictably.”

Brittany Owens-Goracke, DDS, Marysville, KS

“Many lightbulb moments making the TMD/Sleep process efficient and productive/profitable. A must-attend for every Neuromuscular dentist.”

Brad Hester, DMD, Bend, OR

“The (protocols taught) in this course are going to save me tens of thousands of dollars.”

Josef Wollmann, DDS, Leesburg, VA

“If you want to make a difference in patients’ lives, do the dentistry you love to do, and have fun with your team doing it, sign up for this course today. WORTH EVERY PENNY.”

Robb Warren, DDS, Madison, WI

“This course inspired me to let go of procedures I don’t enjoy now that I have the knowledge and confidence to treat TMD and Sleep patients.”

Amy Kirby, DDS, Russellville, AR

“This course is irreplaceable. By far the best CE course I’ve taken.”

Shane Krohnfeldt, DDS, Albuquerque, NM

“…A practice transformation course.”

Saadia Afzal, DDS, Edmonton, Alberta

“If it weren’t for Covid I would have taken this course 1.5 years ago and it would have changed how I treat my OSA patients. But it’s never too late to do it the right way. I’m so glad I’m learning this technique now.”

Alice Chen, DDS, Renton, WA

“A comprehensive approach to diagnose, treat, market and make Neuromuscular Dentistry an economic resource for your office. Congrats to Dr. Haddad on a great 2-day program.”

Paul Insolera, DDS, Middleton, WI

“This course connects the dots & teaches the process to be able to carry it out right away. K7x features are amazing. Amazing sponsors. Practical information.”

Robert Baysa, DDS, Mililani, HI

Team Reviews:

“This course provided direction and extreme details to set our practice up for success. Literally gave us the wheel – we do not have to reinvent anything!”

Tonya De Jong – Office of Jeff Dahm, DDS

“This course was critical for optimizing our efficiency. Just so many helpful tips. THANK YOU. I’m confident we have the knowledge and tools now to simplify our process and have a more relaxing and more profitable schedule!”

Savannah Graham – Office of Jennifer Stafford, DDS

“Dr. Haddad provides an atmosphere of learning such a complex subject area that challenges all of us to be the best version of ourselves. Intimate class size and genuine, sincere help with practical information.”

Lora Baysa – Office of Robert Baysa, DDS

Mastering the Diagnosis & Treatment of TMD Patients

CE Course Photo

“This course was fantastic. Dr. Chan presented the material in a thorough and easy to understand manner. I loved this course!”

Keith Lorio, DDS, Baton Rouge, LA

“Very clear and comprehensive course on TMD diagnostics, K7 bite management and orthotic adjustment.”

Eric Kaleka, DDS, El Segundo, CA

“This course far exceeded my expectations. I am so much more confident treating TMD cases and finding the best bite for full mouth reconstruction.”

Andrew Mortensen, DDS, Fountain Valley, CA

“Great Course! Dr. Chan takes a complex topic such as TMD and explores every aspect in a systematic manner and then helps us achieve hands-on what we have learned by delivering and adjusting an orthotic.”

Anu Sood, DDS, Schaumburg, IL

Aesthetic & Functional Smile Design

S7 live patient video

“Dr. Mike is a real-world, wet-fingered dentist with tremendous knowledge of products and techniques. The small class size made for a lively, interactive discussion that will help you be a better dentist!”

Kenneth Prince, DDS, Reno, NV

“Great for real-world application for multi-unit cases!”

Derek Preble, DMD, American Fork, UT

“This course provided a good foundation and understanding of full mouth rehabilitation. I feel more confident starting an FMR case now.”

Richard Chang, DDS, Alhambra, CA

“This course took what we learned in Series I and took it over the top! Very happy I chose to book this course so quickly. I am now going back with full confidence in taking a patient from diagnosis, to phase 1 to phase 2.”

Brittany Owens, DDS, Marysville, KS

“This course gave me a much better understanding of the sequence of diagnosing a TMD or restorative patient in the neuromuscular position.”

Nishano Thomas, DMD, Houston, TX

“This course was beneficial in learning to take a patient from a removable or fixed orthotic into permanent restorations.”

Doug Carmical, DDS, Bella Vista, AR

Images of patients going through the K7WEB0222 with a Hands On 2-min video.

“A great way to kickstart your journey with all the knowledge and confidence provided in this course.”

Kritika Kanwar Butta, Prosthodontist/TMJ Specialist, Kolkata, India

“Scott is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher!”

Sandhya Krishan, DDS, Carrollton, TX

“This course is definitely worth it if you are going to be utilizing the K7 for tens, orthotics and sleep. It helped me become more confident in my Dx and Tx planning.”

Zach Pederson, DDS, Marysville, KS

“The course was excellent. All of us who participated were treated to a very valuable experience…Dr. Raman’s depth and breadth of knowledge is extraordinary. I have been a Neuromuscular Dentist since 1979…and still picked up pearls.”

Barry Cooper, DDS, Lawrence, NY

“A great starter or refresher course for both doctors and team.”

Chris Hill, DMD, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you! I have been using your equipment for almost 15 years, but my 2 new staff members really benefited from your presentation.”

Michael Rosen, DDS, Wilmington, DE

“This course was very beneficial to me!”

Judson Connell, DMD, Suwanee, GA

Mastering The K7 & Scan Interpretation

Myotronics Team

“A different ballgame. The only way to treat TMD/TMJ.”

Brian Mooney, DMD, Torrington, CT

“Highly informative and a good starting point.”

Cameron Garrett, DMD, Langley, BC

“Amazing as a receptionist to see how the scans are done and read and the terminology used. Gives me a better understanding of how to handle the patient from phone call to closing the sale.”

Veronica Coates, office of Cameron Garrett, DMD, Langley, BC

“This course was very thorough and a smaller group which made it easy to ask questions. Great hands-on learning for both the doctor and team.”

Rhonda Savage, DDS, Gig Harbor, WA

“A great overview of how to proceed and implement the K7 into your practice.”

Fred Stange, DDS, New York, NY

“I came with my brand new NM technician/Dental Assistant, but I learned so much too! Old dogs can learn new NM tricks!”
Amy Norman, DDS, Everett, WA

“This course was perfect for learning how to use and analyze K7 data. I am so excited to use this information in my office!”
Dallin Evanson, DDS. Calgary, AB

“Great lecture and hands-on learning. If you want to do excellent dentistry, you must take this course and start doing neuromuscular dentistry with more confidence.”

Daniel Ghorbani, DDS, Bellevue, WA

“This course provided me with the confidence to evaluate and treat patients with the K7. Looking at actual patient cases and learning how to interpret the K7 scans was valuable.”

Alice Chen, DDS, Renton, Washington

“My team and I learned useful tips and had practical hands-on experience with the K7.”

Misha Susoeff, DDS, Edmonton, Canada

“An exact way using technology to set-up and deliver an orthotic to treat TMD.”

Wesley Wong, DDS, Modesto, CA

“This course takes complicated NM issues/cases and breaks them down into more easily understandable components.”

Hai Trieu, DDS, Falls Church, VA

“This course was a comprehensive overview of the major necessary features of the K7. By the end, I was left feeling more comfortable using and interpreting the scans.”

Brittany Owens, DDS, Marysville, KS