Hands-On, Over-the-Shoulder Live Patient Demonstration Course

This 2 day, 14 CE credit Hands-On course will take you step by step through the diagnosis and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  You will learn how to successfully co-manage complex Sleep and TMD patients and how to convert these patients into Phase 2 restorative/orthodontic solutions. You will utilize the J5 Dental TENS and the K7 Evaluation System to perform a full diagnostic workup, for the fabrication of an optimum appliance. Learn how to use the K7 to educate your Sleep patients on their unstable bite and muscular issues and how addressing their occlusion prior to making their Sleep appliance is an ideal option. Identifying underlying TMD signs and symptoms prior to making a Sleep appliance is the key to success when treating OSA. Learn proven internal/external marketing techniques to promote your Dental Sleep practice.


Team attendance is highly recommended to support and implement the techniques learned. Jeffrey Haddad, DDS, has extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of OSA and TMD patients with two successful OSA/TMD practices. Each group of 4-6 attendees will be assigned to a K7 for maximum hands-on and one-on-one learning. Attendance is limited to 15 doctors. 

Course Overview - Day 1:



  • Understanding the direct relationship between Sleep Disorders and TMD

  • How to properly identify and manage a TMD/Sleep patient

  • How to utilize the K7 Evaluation System with TENS to not only evaluate and treat these patients, but also educate them on their coexisting issues

  • Why using the K7 and TENS together will allow you the ultimate option in optimizing the jaw position of your sleep appliance

  • Advanced Signs and Symptoms of the Sleep/TMD patient

  • How to specifically utilize sleep to build your brand and produce more dentistry

  • Learn how to specifically use the K7 scans to get patients to say "yes" to treatment



  • Live patient over the shoulder demonstration on how to take a K7 Neuromuscular Sleep Bites 

  • Application of Duotrodes on attendees and TENSing to take K7 Neuromuscular Sleep Bites (Group A)


Course Overview - Day 2:



  • Advanced analysis of doctor's own home sleep study and Formal PSG and how to communicate the findings to your patients to help them understand the results

  • Advanced Cone Beam Technology for the combined TMD/Sleep patient

  • What to treat first, Sleep or TMD? Discussion through actual patient case studies

  • Advanced Marketing strategies to properly build your sleep brand in your community and market the sleep portion of your practice

  • Learn how to successfully network with other healthcare professionals in your area to build mutually beneficial relationships and secure referrals

  • How to effectively utilize your team to properly integrate sleep protocols in your practice


  • Reading of attendees home sleep studies

  • Application of Duotrodes on attendees and TENSing to take K7 Neuromuscular Sleep Bites (Group B)


*This course provides 14 CE credits

*A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to team members


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Rochester/Troy, Michigan

Jeffrey S. Haddad, DDS received his dental degree from the University of Michigan in 2001. Dr. Haddad maintains two dental practices in Rochester and Troy, Michigan with focus on TMD, Sleep Disorders, and full mouth reconstruction. He has lectured nationally on TMD, Sleep Disorders, cosmetic and implant dentistry, and practice marketing.  

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Cancellation Policy

Since space is limited for these hand-on courses in order to create the best learning experience possible, cancellations received outside the 60 days prior to the course are subject to a cancellation fee of $500.00 per Doctor and $200.00 per team member. No refunds will be given if cancelled within 60 days of the event.  Cancellations must be in writing.

Myotronics, Inc. reserves the right to cancel courses 60 days prior to the scheduled date of a course for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants.  Should Myotronics cancel a course; Myotronics will refund the fees in full. Myotronics will not be responsible for any other fees, costs or consequential damages with cancelling the Myotronics course or activity. Myotronics recommends that participants do not make any non-refundable travel or lodging reservations more than 60 days before any event for which they are registered.